Woodshop project plans for chicken coops

What a great idea… having some chickens living in a lovely wooden coop right in your own back yard!  Economical, ecological and great for the children to learn respect for animals.  Keeping chickens is becoming more and more popular, and not just on a farm or in the countryside – but right there in YOUR backyard in town! But what about housing them?  EASY… A CHICKEN COOP IS AN EASY WOODSHOP PROJECT! Read more »

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Improve Your Woodshop Project Skills

Most people learnt some woodshop project skills at school.  But did your tuition stop at the point?  Or have you taken things a step further and continued to learn and improve?  Why not take up where you left off with a FREE complete woodworking guide which covers ALL levels of experience from the most basic to the more advanced? Read more »

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Simple ideas for children’s furniture

Why not turn your child’s room into a wonderful space which will  fuel their imagination… all at a fraction of the cost of ready made furniture.   HERE AT WOODSHOP PROJECTS WE KNOW THAT YOU CAN MAKE IT – YOU JUST NEED THE RIGHT TEACHER! Read more »

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The woodshop projects and plans available

We are now able to offer you access to around 16,000 woodshop projects complete with plans and instructions and some even with comprehensive video tutorials.  WHY NOT HAVE A LOOK? Read more »

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